Cycling Winter Bibtights CPW5 Pro


All lettering (team name, rider names, etc.) are included in one price at owayo. The number of texts and inscriptions is unlimited. You can also have each jersey, or other product, with a different rider's name. There is no extra cost for this.
No Glueing, No Iron-Ons
The texts and lettering are integrated directly into the material in one step; no glueing, sewing, or heat application is done afterwards. This allows the fabric to maintain its' superior characteristics; flexibility, light-weight, breathability, softness, and ability to transfer moisture.
Choice of Font
There are a number of fonts to choose from. The font list below shows you our standard owayo fonts (F001, F002,...). You may also use any other windows compatible font.
Choice of Font Colour
Your rider names, team names, etc. can be done in any colours you'd like. Even outlines can be added to enhance visibility and add effect.
Font list
The first box displayed below shows you the 10 most popular fonts. Additional fonts are found in the box beneath.

Top 10
F001 F005
F012 F013
F032 F033
F049 F050
F052 F053

More fonts
F002 F003
F009 F010
F016 F017
F018 F021
F022 F024
F025 F026
F027 F031
F034 F035
F036 F038
F039 F040
F041 F051
F055 F056
F057 F058

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