Cycling Skinsuit CT7 Epic


Our goal is to deliver custom designed skinsuits in professional quality.
owayo skinsuits are manufactured with highly functional and elastic material. The material over the chamois/padding area is a durable and wear-resistant fabric. The suit has been constructed to have minimal seams in areas of critical movement. The chamois itself is dual-elastic; meaning it stretches in two directions. The thigh seam is equipped with a rubber leg-gripper. Underarm ventilation enables additional flex, comfort, and cooling.
The fit of the skinsuit has been developed especially for the aero-position, typical for time-trialing and velodrome riding (head low to handle-bars). The back panel is cut longer and wider whereby the front is shorter and narrower. When standing up while wearing the skinsuit, you will notice that the skinsuit is short in the front and pulls down. Therefore it is important to sit on your bike in the aero-position when trying on our skinsuit to determine your size. The suit has raglan-cut sleeves for maximum freedom of movement in the shoulder and arm areas.
We purchase our fabric from only the highest acclaimed European manufacturers and suppliers. Each fabric is individually selected to maximize comfort and durability and is moisture wicking to ensures quick moisture dispersal and optimal temperature regulation.
Our skinsuits are sewn using 'Overlock' seams. The general construction of the skinsuits has given special attention to minimize the number of seams in areas of critical movement: inner thighs, and seat area.
The thread itself is made from a tear-resistant and elastic fibre; Made in Germany. The thread stretches with the material making the shorts even more durable and robust.
Radhosen Pads
Seat Padding
No doubt about it; padding is an important component to a skinsuit. We use only the highest quality pads in our skinsuits. They are made from a multi-density foam, with a 3D-elastisity. The various foam densities create optimal absorbtion and added strength; the light elastisity enables the pad to stretch in any direction, allowing the skinsuit to move easily with the riders movement.
Our printing process is computer-controlled to enable millimeter precision and laser sharpness. We use a 'thermal sublimated process' that binds the colour molecules to the fabric fibres at the molecular level. In this way, the fabric can remain soft and breathable, and the print will not wash-out, fade, or deteriorate.
No compromise to quality is given with our zippers. We use the number 1 zipper supplier in the world to ensure the highest quality available.
Natual Wear & Tear (Fabric Pilling)
Fabric pilling is the formation of small fuzzy balls on the surface of the fabric. This is not a result of the manufacturing process and is therefore not considered a 'defected product'. The fabric surface in this area has apparently had frictional contact with a harder material.
How to Minimize Wear & Tear
Pay attention as to not ride with a saddle that is rough or ripped in any areas. A well-known cycling skinsuit 'destroyer' is velcro (e.g. many saddle bags have velcro fasteners ). Continual contact with velcro on almost any fabric is best avoided as this rough material destroys most all fabrics.
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