Cycling Cycling Shorts CP5w Pro Ladies


Our bib shorts are available in 2 cuts, which distinguish themselves by their available space for printing.

The shorts are generally made up of two areas: a printable area where you may have your logos, texts, and design elements, and a section of polyamide which is more durable yet cannot be printed on. This polyamide section covers the areas that are typically under the most stress, such as the chamois area where friction is a factor; the polyamide material is pre-manufactured and is therefore only available in a limited number of colours.

Your choice of cut would depend on whether you want a larger printing area for your logos and design, or a larger area of stronger durable fabric. One of our 2 variations should offer a solution for all requirements.

cycling bikeshorts_pro_ladies Seitenstreifen

The side-panel shorts offer the best durability and longevity.
This cut has a printable area of material running up the outside thighs (pictured red); a perfect area for your team name, club logo, or sponsor.
Surcharge: € 0.00

cycling bikeshorts_pro_ladies U-Streifen

The U-Panel shorts have a printable area extending from the thighs up over the tailbone (pictured red).
The rest of the shorts are composed of a non-printable polyamide material (pictured grey).
This variation offers a compromise between freedom to design and durability.
Surcharge: € 0.00

Natural wear and abrasion (pilling)
Pilling is not a product defect and will not be recognized as a manufacturing defect. Such damage to fabric is caused from contact, or rubbing, against a harder material.
How to minimize or avoid natural wear
Selecting a more durable cut of shorts (U-panel or side panel shorts) will maximize the amount of polyamide, which can withstand more punishment. Also check to ensure that the saddle area you are riding does not have any damages, splits, or rough surfaces exposed. A real nightmare for cycling shorts are any velcro straps or bands(i.e. saddlebags)). Constant or repetitive contact with velcor will damage just about any material.
Generally: Even high quality fabrics are damaged from rubbing or contact with a harder material over short or long periods of time.
Only certain colours available for chamois/padding area (polyamide)
The area covering the chamois and inner-thighs is made from a durable polyamide fabric. This polyamide area is only available in a limited selection of 9 colours, shown below. has maintained an average of 4.9 out of 5 stars throughout 1410 ekomi-customer reviews
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