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Available in over 50 colours.
Printed logos and text.


Cycling shorts are the most critical products for every cyclist - Personal prefereces dictate comfort which is why we have optimized the cut and fit, by changing to a nummerical sizing system with twice as many sizes options. The CP5 Pro Cycling shorts give each athlete the chance to find the best fit.

Product description
A refined men's specific cut
Material: TI-Tex
Race Pad | Endurance Pad
Extremely durable Zig-Zag stitches
Silicone gripper around the legs
Bib straps in ventilation material

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cycling bikeshorts_pro
No Extra Costs for Multiple-Colour Designs
Designs and texts can be in any colour combination desired. The price does not change with the number of colours in your design.
owayo Colour Palette
The owayo colour palette includes over 30 shades. Additionally, we can also print any specially defined colours to match to your corporate or club guidelines.
Colour Sample on Fabric
Please keep in mind, that colours displayed on your monitor do not always accurately reflect how they will look on actual fabric. Depending on the various settings, they can vary slightly or greatly.
To avoid misinterpretation, we will gladly send you a free colour sample on fabric for you to examine. This will then allow you to confirm the final result.
Limited Colours for Short 'padding-area' / polyamide
Unlike the rest of our cycling garments, not all components of our shorts are printable. The 'padding-area' on the upper-inner thighs and towards rear, are made from a more durable and robust fabric which cannot be printed on. The size and coverage of the printable area, and polyamide area, depends on which cut shorts you choose; U panel, Side panel, etc. This area of material is only available in 9 colours.
Please note that the colours on the printable area may sometimes appear somewhat lighter that the colour of the polyamide area. The more this area is stretched, the lighter the colour may appear. Our staff will be able to consult you more on what hue might work best for your design.

All Inclusive
Your team kit can have multiple logos with as many colours as you'd like, all included in the base price. The price does not vary with the number of logos or colours on the kit.
No Glue, No Iron-Ons
The texts and lettering are integrated directly into the material in one step; no gluing, sewing, or heat application is done afterwards. This allows the fabric to maintain its superior characteristics: flexibility, light-weight, breathability, softness, and ability to transfer moisture.
Send us Your Logos
Simply send us your logos via email. Our graphic artists can work with most formats, however those in 'vector curves' are the best to work with. These type of files usually end in: .pdf, .ai, .cdr, or .eps. High resolution pixel graphics can also be used, usually ending in: .jpg, .gif, .psd, .tif, or .bmp.
Here are a few examples. Please click on logo to see larger version.
Price Estimate
In order to receive a personalized price estimate with the exact products, features and quantity you’d like, please click the link below.

Price Estimate

Price lists for other countries
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For cycling we offer two discount options. Please do not hesitate to ask whether one or both discounts can be applied to your order. The following discounts are available:

Rewards Program for Schools and Clubs
Our School and Club Rewards Program, as the name indicates, is a limited offer to schools and clubs to provide great prices on your initial order, and every follow up order for new or "old"/previously ordered products. We consider it a non-binding agreement between owayo and the school or club, ensuring that we will provide specific discounts based on the amount that has been spent with us at present and in the past. Once accepted to the Rewards Program, we guarantee that regardless of the quantity that is ordered, we will always apply the relevant unit price listed for 10 units for each product that is ordered. Each club or school that joins our Program will be guaranteed a 5% discount even off their initial order. Furthermore, joining our program ensures the same conditions when ordering any of our team sport products, thus your school or club is not bound to ordering from a single product/sports line, and can therefore secure great prices on team kits for their entire athletic/sports organization. Our Rewards Program also guarantees that we will track all orders placed in the name of the school or club and then apply the approriate rewards program discount. In essence, our Rewards Program will reward you for your long term loyalty, ensuring higher discounts (limited to 30%) and as a result reduced costs.

Even smaller (< 10) follow up order/reorders will receive the price for 10 units as well as the applicable rewards program discount, thus ensuring the great prices even on the smallest re orders. We will merely apply a CA$ 25.00 setup cost surcharge on all order of less then 5 units.

Additionally, we will also guarantee to provide you with our best price for all orders. This means, we will compare the bulk discount price with the price under our Rewards Program and apply the cheaper one to your order - Generally, this will only go into action on very large orders.

As our Rewards Program can be applied to an entire athletic organization/club, all its sports groups/teams and sections can benefit from joing our Rewards Program. We will take all gross sales made by the Club for all products ordered and apply the applicable discount.

The quick Facts about our Rewards Program:
  • - 5% off first order
  • - smaller reorders (< 5 units) with less surcharges
  • - future orders to receive added discounts >> up to 30%
  • - guaranteed best price
  • - You are free to choose from any products in our sortiment throughout all sports
  • - The gross sales of all of your orders placed within the past 5 years will be considered and the respective discount will be applied
  • - Consistent pricing for all our products

Discount Scaling (gross sales):
  • - 0 - CA$ 4,499.99 => 5% immediate discount
  • - over CA$ 4,500.00 => 10% discount
  • - over CA$ 11,000.00 => 15% discount
  • - over CA$ 19,000.00 => 20% discount
  • - over CA$ 30,000.00 => 25% discount
  • - over CA$ 45,000.00 => 30% discount

You control the benefits. You design a unique team jersey for your team or club and keep them outfitted again and again - easy and affordable. As mentioned every order is guaranteed a minimum 5% off. Later orders will benefit from your already cumulated sales, and new discounts levels will be applied to new orders.

The discounts provided from our Rewards Program cannot be combined with the bulk discount, yet may be combined with owayo sponsoring.
For further information, (click here) or download our Rewards Program membership agreement.

owayo Sponsoring
An owayo sponsoring discount may be available for your team depending on the design, size, and location of our logo.

Please note, that sponsoring is only available upon request and granted permission by owayo. We will gladly examine your team's design layout to determine whether sponsoring is possible or present you with a design proposal. A sponsorship is only possible if the owayo logo appears according to our guidelines in an attractive manner. Our owayo staff will gladly explain what guidelines must be met in order to qualify for an owayo sponsorship.

All owayo products have small owayo manufacturing logos on them. These are not sponsoring logos.
cycling Größen


The following pads are available:

cycling bikeshorts_pro Comfort-Pad

cycling bikeshorts_pro Comfort-Pad

Race Pad
The Race-Pad is made from an elastic and flexible foam material. It creates a sturdy buffer between the shorts and the bike and also a comfortable buffer between you and the shorts.
Surcharge: € 0.00

cycling bikeshorts_pro LD-Pad

cycling bikeshorts_pro LD-Pad

Endurance Pad
The Endurance Pad is thicker than the Race Pad and offers even more comfort. Made from extremely elastic and flexible materials, the Endurance Pad is for both long, hard rides and even the hobby cyclist just looking for a little extra comfort.
Surcharge: € 8.00

cycling bikeshorts_pro ohne-Pad

cycling bikeshorts_pro ohne-Pad

No Padding
For the hardcore, we also offer our cycling shorts without padding. This is often popular with triathletes or people who may use shorts for other activities; running, in-line, etc.
Surcharge: € 0.00


Our bib shorts are available in 2 cuts, which distinguish themselves by their available space for printing.

The shorts are generally made up of two areas: a printable area where you may have your logos, texts, and design elements, and a section of polyamide which is more durable yet cannot be printed on. This polyamide section covers the areas that are typically under the most stress, such as the chamois area where friction is a factor; the polyamide material is pre-manufactured and is therefore only available in a limited number of colours.

Your choice of cut would depend on whether you want a larger printing area for your logos and design, or a larger area of stronger durable fabric. One of our 2 variations should offer a solution for all requirements.

cycling bikeshorts_pro Seitenstreifen

The side-panel shorts offer the best durability and longevity.
This cut has a printable area of material running up the outside thighs (pictured red); a perfect area for your team name, club logo, or sponsor.
Surcharge: € 0.00

cycling bikeshorts_pro U-Streifen

The U-Panel shorts have a printable area extending from the thighs up over the tailbone (pictured red).
The rest of the shorts are composed of a non-printable polyamide material (pictured grey).
This variation offers a compromise between freedom to design and durability.
Surcharge: € 0.00

Natural wear and abrasion (pilling)
Pilling is not a product defect and will not be recognized as a manufacturing defect. Such damage to fabric is caused from contact, or rubbing, against a harder material.
How to minimize or avoid natural wear
Selecting a more durable cut of shorts (U-panel or side panel shorts) will maximize the amount of polyamide, which can withstand more punishment. Also check to ensure that the saddle area you are riding does not have any damages, splits, or rough surfaces exposed. A real nightmare for cycling shorts are any velcro straps or bands(i.e. saddlebags)). Constant or repetitive contact with velcor will damage just about any material.
Generally: Even high quality fabrics are damaged from rubbing or contact with a harder material over short or long periods of time.
Only certain colours available for chamois/padding area (polyamide)
The area covering the chamois and inner-thighs is made from a durable polyamide fabric. This polyamide area is only available in a limited selection of 9 colours, shown below.
Available colours for 'padding-area' and polyamide areas
C022 sunny yellow
C113 dark fire
C216 dark sky blue
C217 bright bavaria blue
C219 dark navy blue
C800 white
C804 black
C810 night grey
C815 half grey
C815 has maintained an average of 4.9 out of 5 stars throughout 1410 ekomi-customer reviews
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