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Sample Service

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We are happy to send samples so that you can test the quality and fit of our products before ordering. Samples are recommended to ensure that you find the size, especially if you are ordering slim or tight fitting items.

Please note that the samples need to be returned after 14 days, and that you are responsible for paying the postage. The postage will be partially reimbursed if you place an order with us. Please do not send samples back 'free of postage', to be paid by the recipient; these packages will not be accepted.

Product Example: For some products, we only carry one size. Product examples serve as examples of their high quality finish. If you want size samples, you can order these too.

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FL1 Kids Shooting Shirts Long Sleeve --> F1 Kids Jerseys

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Please understand that not all of our designs or colours are available as samples. We do our best to maintain a wide selection of standard sizes in stock.