Club and School Rewards Programme

Reduced and Fixed Prices for Teams

As a registered team, you'll benefit with owayo on your first order - without any obligations. Receive discounts of up to 20% with fixed prices - even when ordering small quantities.

Fixed Prices - Even for Small Reorders

Fixed Prices - Even for Small Reorders

Members of our club rewards programme will receive the unit price for 10 items, minus their discount tier. Note that a CA$ 25 fee will be applied to orders of 4 or less items. That way you can enjoy fixed reorder prices.

Best Price Guarantee

Best Price Guarantee

With large order quantities, it's possible that the unit price is cheaper than the club rewards pricing. We will always guarantee you the cheaper price.

No Commitments

No Commitments

With the club rewards discount, there are no requirements, obligations nor commitments. This programme is only available to registered teams and clubs. You can download the contract agreement here.

Discount of up to 20%

Discount of up to 20%

The amount you've spent with owayo over the last 5 years dictates how much discount you receive. You will find the discount break down in the discount table.

Applied Discount Off the Unit Price for 10 Items

5% After Spending CA$ 0
7% After Spending CA$ 4,500
10% After Spending CA$ 11,000
15% After Spending CA$ 19,000
20% After Spending CA$ 30,000

* The amount ordered over the last 5 years will be counted.


Let's say that you're already a member of our Club and School Rewards Programme and have spent CA$ 4,500 with us over the past 5 years. As per the rewards programme table, you quality for the 7% discount.

Case 1:

You are ordering 5 for your club. Non-members would pay $71.00 per jersey. As a member of our Club and School Rewards Programme, however, you will only pay the unit price for 10 units at $59.00 per jersey. Additionally, we will apply a 7% discount to your order, dropping the unit price to $54.87 instead of $71.00

Case 2:

You are ordering 50 for your club. Under our Rewards Programme, the unit price after all discounts have been applied would bring the unit price to $54.87 . In this case, however, the bulk unit price for 50 jerseys is $49.00 . You would then receive the bulk price as it is cheaper.

Product list Club and School Rewards Programme - Basketball

Currently, the Club and School Reward Programme discount can be applied to these products:
B6 Hero Jersey, BR6 Hero Reversible Jersey, BP6 Hero Shorts, Softshell Team Jackets XJS5 Pro, B5w Pro Jerseys, BS5 Pro Shooting Shirts, BSL5 Pro Shooting Shirts Long Sleeve, BP5 Pro8 Shorts, BP5 Pro10 Shorts, Socks, Softshell Team Jackets Ladies XJS5w Pro, B1 Kids Jerseys, F1 Kids Shooting Shirts, FL1 Kids Shooting Shirts Long Sleeve, BP1 Kids Shorts

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