Basketball BS5 Pro Shooting Shirts


There are three discounts available for our basketball products:
  • - kit discount
  • - owayo sponsoring
  • - club rebate

Kit discount
When ordering a complete kit, you will receive a 5% kit discount.
Complete kits are either:
  • - Jerseys, shorts, and socks
  • - Jerseys, shorts, and shooting shirts

Please note that this kit discount is only valid when ordering a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 199 kits.
The kit discount cannot be combined with a 'club rebate', but may be combined with owayo sponsoring.

Rewards Program for Schools and Clubs
Our School and Club Rewards Program, as the name indicates, is a limited offer to schools and clubs to provide great prices on your initial order, and every follow up order for new or "old"/previously ordered products. We consider it a non-binding agreement between owayo and the school or club, ensuring that we will provide specific discounts based on the amount that has been spent with us at present and in the past. Once accepted to the Rewards Program, we guarantee that regardless of the quantity that is ordered, we will always apply the relevant unit price listed for 10 units for each product that is ordered. Each club or school that joins our Program will be guaranteed a 5% discount even off their initial order. Furthermore, joining our program ensures the same conditions when ordering any of our team sport products, thus your school or club is not bound to ordering from a single product/sports line, and can therefore secure great prices on team kits for their entire athletic/sports organization. Our Rewards Program also guarantees that we will track all orders placed in the name of the school or club and then apply the approriate rewards program discount. In essence, our Rewards Program will reward you for your long term loyalty, ensuring higher discounts (limited to 30%) and as a result reduced costs.

Even smaller (< 10) follow up order/reorders will receive the price for 10 units as well as the applicable rewards program discount, thus ensuring the great prices even on the smallest re orders. We will merely apply a CA$ 25.00 setup cost surcharge on all order of less then 5 units.

The quick Facts about our Rewards Program:
  • - 5% off first order
  • - Smaller reorders (< 5 units) with less surcharges
  • - Future orders to receive added discounts >> up to 30%
  • - No commitment necessary
  • - You are free to choose from any products throughout all sports
  • - The gross sales of all of your orders placed within the past 5 years will be considered and the respective discount will be applied
  • - Consistent pricing for all our products

Discount Scaling (gross sales):
  • - 0 - CA$ 4,499.99 => 5% immediate discount
  • - over CA$ 4,500.00 => 10% discount
  • - over CA$ 11,000.00 => 15% discount
  • - over CA$ 19,000.00 => 20% discount
  • - over CA$ 30,000.00 => 25% discount
  • - over CA$ 45,000.00 => 30% discount

You control the benefits. You design a unique team jersey for your team or club and keep them outfitted again and again - easy and affordable. As mentioned every order is guaranteed a minimum 5% off. Later orders will benefit from your already cumulated sales, and new discounts levels will be applied to new orders.

The discounts provided from our Rewards Program cannot be combined with the kit or bulk discount, yet may be combined with owayo sponsoring.
For further information, (click here) or download our Rewards Program membership agreement.

owayo Sponsoring
An owayo sponsoring discount may be available for your team depending on the design, size, and location of our logo.

Please note, that sponsoring is only available upon request and granted permission by owayo. We will gladly examine your team's design layout to determine whether sponsoring is possible or present you with a design proposal. A sponsorship is only possible if the owayo logo appears according to our guidelines in an attractive manner. Our owayo staff will gladly explain what guidelines must be met in order to qualify for an owayo sponsorship.

All owayo products have small owayo manufacturing logos on them. These are not sponsoring logos.
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