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owayo products are 100% custom-made. This allows us to better handle each of your individual requests: any colour combination, any logo, and any text can added. (see below for actual printing examples)

The entire manufacturing process is handled solely by owayo; 100% our own facilities and staff. This ensures top quality products and a precise manufacturing schedule.

The production process is composed of 5 steps:
1. Start of Production
Only upon your order release and design approval, we will start production.
2. Prepress & Cut
The very first steps include prepress and cutting. Your design will be converted onto templates and printed on paper; for production preparation. Adjacently, white fabric is cut to form.
3. Print
The next step transfers the completed design pattern, including all inscriptions and logos, from the paper to the fabric. This application process has been well-established in professional sports for years. Printing is done via a thermal sublimation process, which binds the colour molecules to the fibres at a molecular level. The fabric remains soft and breathable. The colouring doesn't wash out or fade.
4. Sewing
The printed items are meticulously sewn together at different stages and equipped with the relevant components (belts, tags, ventilations, etc.). Your product is then complete.
5. Quality Check & Packaging
Only after the quality is approved and checked, will your product be packed, labeled and prepared for shipment. The products can be stored and identified easily because of individual packaging and separate labelling.

Print examples:
Please click the small preview below to see an enlarged version.


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