Hockey Jersey H5 Pro


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The owayo Game-Cut is made to meet the needs of today's active hockey player. The cut offers maximum arm movement,with snug bodyfit allowing room for equipment and physique. The lower arms are sewn with a double-layer for extra wear-n-tear as these areas experience heavy pulling and punishment during play. Under-arms are fitted with ventilation areas.
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The owayo Straight-Cut has almost identical measurements to our Game-Cut. The major difference is found in the fit of the sleeve. Our Straight-Cut has tighter fitting sleeves for a modern look. Just like our Game-Cut, the Straight-Cut comes with a double-layer in the lower sleeves and underarm ventilation.
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The Goalie-Cut arms are cut wider, to allow for the goalies larger range of motion and equipment. This cut also has double-layered material in the arms and under-arm ventilation.
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Shoulder Panel
owayo jerseys are produced with or without shoulder panels, depending on design. has maintained an average of 4.9 out of 5 stars throughout 1410 ekomi-customer reviews
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