Hockey Jersey H5 Pro


Choose from the following collar styles:

icehockey shirts V-Kragen breit

V-neck (wide)
Wide V-neck (approx. 4cm) from soft fabric.
This popular style is best for sponsor logos; strong and comfortable.
Surcharge: € 0.00

icehockey shirts T-Kragen

The T-collar allows for an additional logo or number to be placed at the front, just above where the collar meets, thus giving the jersey another unique touch. It is a modern and highly functional collar often requested that has often been requested by PRO teams.
Surcharge: € 0.00

icehockey shirts Y-Kragen

The Y-neck is a modern collar in Retro-style. The superior fit deters the jersey from sliding around. This collar style is very popular amongst our professional teams.
Surcharge: € 0.00

icehockey shirts Schnuerkragen

Any retro styled hockey jersey is not complete without the 'old-school' laced-collar. Please note that laces are available only in white.
Surcharge: € 5.00 has maintained an average of 4.9 out of 5 stars throughout 1401 ekomi-customer reviews
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