Soccer Socks


Interested in getting your team's logo or sponsor knitted into the socks?
We offer this special service, to provide our customers with the complete customization option even for your team's socks.

football socks ohne_logo

without logo

Surcharge: € 0.00

football socks mit_logo

socks with logos (50 pairs minimum)
owayo socks can customized with a team or company logo (multiple colours possible). Please note that this customization is only availble with quantities of 50 or more pairs of socks. Sizes can be mixed, but the minimum amount per size is 30 pairs.
Surcharge: € 3.00

Please note, that athletic tape, velcro bands, or similar supporting aids on or around the socks during play are not recommened, as they can pull at fabric fibre damaging logos and/or the structure of the socks - Thus, our knitted socks are not intended to be used in conjuction with these aids. has maintained an average of 4.9 out of 5 stars throughout 1410 ekomi-customer reviews
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