Soccer Socks


If you are looking to create a completely unique and one-of-a-kind design, then we can help you.

We've worked with countless teams and clubs to help create their ultimate kit from scratch. We transform your design ideas into professional, unique team kits made for the pitch. This service is also popular with companies and sponsors who are looking to reflect their corporate identity through the team.
We now offer a special service for customers looking to create unique team socks; you can now add a team or company logo with multiple colours.
Minimum quantity
There is a minimum quantity of 50 pair for socks with logos. Sizes can be mixed, but the minimum amount per size is 30 pairs. Socks with logos cost and additional +2.00 EUR per pair. Lead time for these socks is approximately 4 weeks. No express service is possible for socks with logos.
How to submit your logos
A high resolution logo is needed to put on the socks, with the best formats being 'vector' graphics (.cdr, .ai, .pdf) or high quality pixel graphics (.gif, .tiff, .jpg).
Our design team is available should you have any questions or concerns. Order forms and sketch models
Handling for Socks w/ Logos
Use of athletic tape, velcro bands, or similar supporting aids on or around socks during play can pull at fabric fibre and damage logos and/or structure of the socks. We offer no reclamation for socks uses in conjunction with such aids.
Socks with stitched logos are not suited for such applications.
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