Hockey Jersey H5 Pro


Fabric Quality
We trust only the highest acclaimed European suppliers. Nothing but premium materials are selected for our production. Our fabric selection is chosen to achieve optimal comfort and durability. Moisture is directed outwards to be evaporated quickly.

The following fabrics are available for this product:

icehockey shirts VE-Mesh

The majority of owayo jerseys are manufactured from this premium fabric (200g/sq meter). The outer surface is soft and matt with a fine mesh. This combination creates the best durability / weight (lightness) ratio. The fine mesh provides excellent ventilation for heavy transpiration.
Surcharge: € 0.00

icehockey shirts HD-Mesh

Heavy Duty (HD) Mesh
This fabric material is characterized by a moderate weight (240g/sq meter)
and fine tight mesh that is extremely strong and sturdy.
This material meets the highest demands of NHL quality.
Surcharge: € 5.00

Fabric Sample
We will gladly send you a fabric sample to examine the look and feel of our material. We can also send a product sample for you to review.Click here to request samples. has maintained an average of 4.9 out of 5 stars throughout 1401 ekomi-customer reviews
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