Hockey Socks (knitted wool) HSW5 Pro


owayo knitted socks are made from modern materials. Benefit from a great elastic and comfortable fit, though representing the traditional 'old school' hockey look. Moreover the fabric is especially durable and robust to withstand the toughest play.
We purchase our fabric from the best acclaimed European manufacturers, exclusively. Only the highest quality types are chosen for our products. The knitted socks are 100% made from polyamide. This kind of yarn is very sturdy and highly resistant to abrasion. Due to high stretchability the socks perfectly adapt to shin guards and legs.
Besides fabric, our seam work is the next most important component in creating quality sports apparel. Our products are sewn with a specially-developed, German-engineered thread that meets the highest demands of the sporting industry. An advanced '4 thread-overlock' machine stitch is used to ensure superior strength and stability.
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