owayo knee warmers are 100% 'made-to order' using the high end fabrics to provide you with a truely professional product. The highly elastic fabric allow for an anatomical fit, and the integrated silicone gripper ensures everything stays in place while riding. Our knee warmers are perfect for cycling in the fall and spring.
Select any of our 10 design templates as a general layout. These designs can be made in any colour combination, adding your fonts and logos. We can also provide matching shorts, jerseys, and other accessories to complement your design and team look.


At owayo you get professional quality at a competetive price. Our prices include all logos, texts, names, colours, and designs in the kit designer.
All texts and logos are printed directly into the knee warmers fabric during the production process. Every design, colour combination, and text is conceivable and incurs no additional cost. Further advantages about our production/printing process:
  • Incorporate precise and photo-realistic logos.
  • Choose a font from the list, or provide us with your preference.
  • Available colours.
Knee warmers can be made to order in our summer and winter fabrics.
Our standards of quality are never compromised. owayo cycling clothes has proven the test of time in numerous weather conditions and thousands of miles in action. Our high end products are worn by atheletes of all levels throughout Europe and have been used as an accessorie on multiple different cycling tours.
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Cycling Knee Warmers CAK5 Pro

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