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Mix-and-Match Product Features – Same Bulk Price
For your jersey design you may add multiple variations to your order and receive them at the same bulk price. For example, if you ordered 10 sleeveless jerseys, 14 short sleeve jerseys, and 11 long sleeve jerseys having the same design, you would still receive the price for 35 units, just as if you were purchasing 35 jerseys with the same features.

Please note that at least 5 of each variation must be ordered to qualify for this bulk offer. If you are unsure of the quantities you require, our staff would be glad to make you a free and non-binding price estimate for comparison.
Why is this offer only available for 5 pieces or more?
Each jersey with varying features has its own steps and requirements for production. Unfortunately, this translates to a lot of extra setup costs. While we strive to offer the ability to order small quantities, we must account for the extra production costs associated with these variations.

It is generally therefore cheaper if teams are able to purchase their orders at the same time.
Cumulative prices are only possible within the same product type
Please understand that the cumulative prices are only applicable when ordering variations of a specific product. You may for example choose to variate the zipper type or sleeve length of our cylcing jerseys, or even opt to order a combination of CP2 Sport and C5 Pro products. As long as you are ordering 5 of each variation style, you will receive the cumulative price for the total quantity. While you can place an order for a combination of short sleeve jerseys, long sleeve jerseys, wind jackets, and soft shell jackets, we can only offer cumulative pricing for the jerseys (assuming that you are ordering at at least 5 of each style). The wind jacket and soft shell jackets would each be treated as seperate product type and will thus not receive cumulative pricing. has maintained an average of 4.9 out of 5 stars throughout 1410 ekomi-customer reviews
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