Cycling Cycling Shorts CP2 Sport


No Extra Costs for Multiple-Colour Designs
Designs and texts can be in any colour combination desired. The price does not change with the number of colours in your design.
owayo Colour Palette
The owayo colour palette includes over 30 shades. Additionally, we can also print any specially defined colours to match to your corporate or club guidelines.
Colour Sample on Fabric
Please keep in mind, that colours displayed on your monitor do not always accurately reflect how they will look on actual fabric. Depending on the various settings, they can vary slightly or greatly.
To avoid misinterpretation, we will gladly send you a free colour sample on fabric for you to examine. This will then allow you to confirm the final result.
Limited Colours for Short 'padding-area' / polyamide
Unlike the rest of our cycling garments, all components to our shorts are not printable. The 'padding-area' on upper-inner thighs and towards rear, are made from a more durable and robust fabric in which cannot be printed on. The size and coverage of the printable area, and polyamide area, depends on which cut shorts you choose; U panel, Side panel, etc. This area of material is only available in 9 colours.
Please note that the colours on the printable area may sometimes appear somewhat lighter that the colour of the polyamide area. The more this area is stretched, the lighter the colouring will appear. Our staff will be able to consult you more on what colouring might work best for your design.

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